Beyond File Names


Q: I uploaded a bunch of files to FileThis and then realized the file names are a random mess of dates, subjects, and more so that listing them alphabetically is not useful. Is there a way to fix this?

A: The short answer is yes. When you preview a document in FileThis, you can click its file name and change it. However, with all the searching and sorting capabilities in FileThis, there’s really no point. Despite the fact that you’ve learned to organize information alphabetically since kindergarten, the ability to list file names from A to Z is far from the best way to locate information.

Think about it—when you’re searching for information, you’re far more likely to remember a keyword in the document than the name of its file. In this example, while it might drive you crazy that your Thanksgiving invitation list is mixed in with a receipt for software, a registration confirmation from Apple, and a recommendation for a teacher, that is not significant. The important thing is that if you need to find the serial number for the software you purchased, you can simply search for the name of the software. Other handy organization and search features—way beyond file names—include:

  • Cabinets and Tags
  • Sorting and Searching tools
  • Dates (Added, Created, Relevant)

Best of all, FileThis automatically puts all this searchable information at your fingertips.FileThis processes your documents, files them in cabinets, assigns tags, and extracts dates—in addition to converting PDFs, scanned images, and more into searchable text. Your job is simply to sit back and let FileThis organize documents for you.

If you’re having trouble letting go of a compulsive need to alphabetize, read Joel Stein’s “Mess Manifesto” in Time Magazine, which states, “The problem is that unlike in the physical world, there is no actual benefit in this digital organization: no smelly food out of the fridge, no clean desk to work at, no clear path from the bathroom to my bed … We need a digital Zoloft, something that will force us to allow messiness into our digital lives. Now that our e-mail and date-stamped photos are searchable, there’s no need to build all these folders.”