Cabinets vs Tags


Q: What’s the difference between a cabinet and a tag?

A: The difference is really just semantic—a cabinet is basically just another tag. Consider it a “super tag” or a “top-level tag,” but it basically functions just like any other tag. You can use cabinets and tags as organizational tools and search criteria in the same way. As organizational tools, you might think of a cabinet as the actual drawer in an actual filing cabinet and a tag as the folders within the drawers. The “cabinet” terminology helps people make the transition from filing hard copy in their wood filing cabinets or shoeboxes to managing digital files stored in the cloud.

The beauty of FileThis is that documents can reside in multiple metaphorical drawers and folders. So, unlike in the real world, you might be able to find your home insurance information in both your Home cabinet and your Financial cabinet. You can then use tags to further organize the various kinds of home insurance (fire, flood, earthquake, etc.).