3 Reasons College Students Should Go Paperless


Conquering Life Stages with FileThis.

Two days into my son’s college career I realized that he needs his own FileThis account. Yes, he could use our family account, but he doesn’t really need access to all of our financial information. And we don’t need to see his syllabi and book receipts. He needs his own account—that we can still access—and here’s why.

1. Access to Family Documents

So far, he has needed health insurance, immunization, financial aid and tuition payment records. This was all just so he could get a college ID card and start classes. No doubt he will need more. I quickly found the documents he needed (thank you very much, Search box) and popped them into his account. And when I say quickly, I mean while he’s three people from the front of the line to get his ID.

FileThis Document Search
Simply typing the first few characters of “immunization” in the Search box instantly produced records showing that my son had all his shots for college.

2. Document and Receipt Storage

Despite the school’s fancy online blackboard tool, he received paper syllabi in two classes. Is he likely to keep track of those documents? Based on past performance, no. Always safer to scan them with the Doxie and pop them into FileThis. What about the email receipt from an Amazon ebook? Forward it to FileThis. The receipt for his new hockey stick for men’s league? Snap a picture with the FileThis app and send it on its way. If he starts failing a class because he can’t find the syllabus, guess what—we all know where it is.

Capturing and Storing Receipts
Hockey sticks often come with a 90-day guarantee against breakage—a pretty safe bet given the likelihood that a teenage boy holds onto the receipt. A quick snap with the FileThis app, though, and it’s ready to upload.

3. Start Managing Your Own Accounts

Despite recent trends, the goal of all parents is to raise self-sufficient children who actually move out of the house. For good. At some point, my son needs his own car insurance and health insurance policies. His own cellphone plan and gym membership. His own Amazon and Netflix accounts among the dozens of household accounts we all acquire. Starting with FileThis in college is getting him accustomed to managing his own documents. And he’ll be managing his documents the way any self-respecting millennial would: on his smartphone.


Family Account Management with FileThis
Ideally, my kids will eventually stop using my Amazon account and get their own. With experience in FileThis, they’ll know just how to find out how much their kids are spending on Kindle apps.

Eventually, he can change his password so we no longer need access to his account. And then, as the life cycle continues, we’ll give him access to our FileThis account so he can manage our documents for us.


Kelly Kordes Anton is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Littleton, Colorado. She specializes in financial education and publishing technologies.

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