We live in a digital age where more and more of what we do is done digitally. So why are our most important documents living in the past!

Our Story

FileThis was started by a group of people who believe in all the benefits of a paperless home. We’re not talking about absolutely everything – well, not just yet anyway. Lets start with our most important documents – bills, statements, insurance policies, health documents, and on and on. The kinds of documents you would want to file somewhere safe. Having them in digital form has so many benefits. Like what, you ask? Well, how’s this for starters:

  • eco-friendly
  • reduces paper clutter
  • easier to search and find
  • easier to store and manage
  • easier to share, where appropriate

But none of us want to spend our weekend organizing and managing documents. So our goal at FileThis is to create your own personal digital assistant. Someone (or thing) that can go out and get your documents, file them and manage them. Someone you can just turn to and say “File This”. And all of this to help you keep your documents up-to-date, organized, and most importantly, extremely easy to find when you need something.