FileThis and Google Drive: A Match Made in the Cloud


We just opened the door on our FileThis / Google Drive partnership and we’re psyched. We think it will be a huge hit and the folks testing it over at Google agree.

It works in a similar fashion to our other existing partnership integrations. First, go to the Destination tab and select Google Drive as your destination:

It takes just seconds to get everything authorized with Google Drive and once this is done, you are ready to go. Create and run your connections and FileThis will fetch your documents and deliver them directly to your Google Drive account securely and automatically.

Your documents are all stored in a top level folder called …. you guessed it “FileThis”. But you can rename the folder to anything you want – say for example “My Statements” – and you can move this folder anywhere in your Google Drive account.

Within this folder FileThis creates sub-folders for each of your accounts. For example, your Bank of America credit card statements will go in a separate folder from your Bank of America mortgage statements. Again, you can rename any of the folders and FileThis will still know where to store all future documents.

And as with all our  partnership integrations, FileThis delivers searchable PDF files that are well-organized and well-named.

So if Google Drive is your cloud storage of choice, give it a try and let us know what you think.

And stay tuned for more partnership integrations coming soon!