FileThis + Evernote Business = Recordkeeping Heaven


In business, there are a few things that are common regardless of what industry you’re in. One of those things is recordkeeping. Every business, from the largest corporations down to the smallest 1-person microbusiness, has to do it, like it or not (usually not!). Keeping accurate records, especially financial records, is essential for both internal reporting and monitoring as well as for tax and legal reasons, but many businesses don’t have great systems for recordkeeping, or they do it in a haphazard manner – sometimes statements get downloaded or scanned, sometimes they don’t (and even if they do, who knows where they’ve been stored!). What ends up being created is an incomplete, inefficient, and ineffective set of financial records.

If you’re looking to create a recordkeeping system for your business, you’ll want a solution to automate the retrieval of financial documents, and a permanent, secure, and accessible home to store them so you and the appropriate people on your team can access them as needed. FileThis and Evernote Business are designed to make this happen!

Instead of someone in your accounting department taking the time and steps of having to manually visit each bank or vendor’s website and log in to download each statement, FileThis connects to your business banking and vendor accounts – business checking, company credit cards, electricity, etc. – and automatically downloads your statements and bills to your destination of choice (and automatically organizes them too!). Simply look for your bank or vendor from FileThis’ list of supported connections.

Next, authorize FileThis to retrieve your docs by using your existing bank or vendor login information.

FileThis acts as a conduit directly to Evernote Business and can download your statements directly into Evernote Business notebooks. Just authorize FileThis to connect to your Evernote Business account.

Not only are your statements and bills automatically downloaded and organized, but they can also be easily retrieved and shared by the right people on your team using the sharing tools that are built into Evernote Business.