FileThis + Personal = Most Secure Destination for Bills and Statements


We just launched FileThis for Personal, our most secure destination for your bills and statements, and we feel safer already.


We all know security is a BIG DEAL. We also know it can be a pain, which is why many of us are less secure with our information than we should be.

Now, Personal secures your sensitive information with the same encryption algorithms that banks, governments, and militaries rely on. And, as a FileThis user, we’re giving you this $29.99 value free for an entire year!

It’s easy to add your information and stay organized using little orange circles called Gems.



Use Personal for everything from storing passwords and credit card information to keeping track of travel and school information for the family.

Personal also makes it easy to securely share your important information with your spouse, roommate, accountant or anyone else you want to grant access. And you can cut off access at anytime.

Time to get started. Watch our video and follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for Personal at
  2. Sign in to FileThis and select Personal as the secure destination for your bills and statements
  3. That’s it!

FileThis will now fetch the bills and statements you’ve selected and deliver them to Personal. Each statement will arrive neatly labeled and tagged with the appropriate account information. You can click an existing tag, such as “AT&T” or “finance”, to easily find the information you need. You can also create personalized tags to fit your needs.



We can’t wait for you to try FileThis with Personal. Security is a wonderful thing.