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You may have heard about another internet vulnerability that’s being called the “FREAK SSL Attack”. FileThis takes all security concerns seriously and we’ve been tracking this one carefully. When “Freak Attack” first came to light, we immediately verified that our servers were not vulnerable. You can confirm it for yourself, if you like, by visiting In the “Hostname” field on that page, just enter our web address, (or, and click the “Check” button. You’ll see a green panel appear indicating our clean bill of health.

For further reassurance that we’re safe from many other SSL vulnerabilities, you run a test from Qualys SSL Labs. Qualys SSL Labs gives us an “A” rating.

We also use other third parties to check our site daily for vulnerabilities of all kinds. Their clickable “badges” appear near the bottom of our main page, but here are direct links for your convenience:

You can find additional information about FREAK in this Washington Post article.

Thanks for you support,

Trent Brown