FileThis for Evernote, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive and others

Named by TIME Magazine as one of the “50 Best Web Services of 2014”, FileThis is the easy-to-use app that safely fetches important documents, including bills, bank statements, medical records, insurance policies, and more, eliminating paper waste.

FileThis automatically delivers all your online statements as searchable PDF files to your cloud storage account, organized in account-specific folders. FileThis also fetches all the past documents available online, so you can conveniently have access to all of your statements anywhere you have Evernote installed.


  • FileThis automatically gathers, delivers and organizes your online statements and household documents
  • Automatically fetches statements and bills for the last three years from your online accounts
  • Captures multi-page documents and receipts as PDF files
  • Bank-Level Security with encrypted communication and data – with 256-bit
  • Protected app access with 4-digit PIN

Show your paperwork who’s boss.

What’s not to like about having all your important stuff delivered to you and organized automatically? It’s virtually guaranteed to make you all warm and fuzzy inside. Check out the benefits and what you can expect when you allow FileThis to collect, store, and manage your documents for you:

  1. 1Avoid manual filing. Keeping your documents filed and organized takes no time at all. FileThis automatically categorizes your documents and files them in the right place.
  2. 2Find lost documents. Looking for a document from months or even years ago? FileThis fetches documents dating back to the Jurassic Age, and even files from your closed accounts.
  3. 3Secure your documents. If something untoward goes down, you can at least be sure that you have access to your most important documents.

1. Create a free FileThis account.

If you don’t have a FileThis account, sign up for free. You can also use the FileThis app for iOS to create an account.

2. Connect FileThis with your cloud service.

After signing up with FileThis, go to the Destination tab and select Dropbox or Box as your destination:

It takes just seconds to get everything authorized, and then you’re ready to go.


3. Set up your connections.

Before FileThis can collect documents from an online account, you need to create a “connection.” The connection lets FileThis know where to go and how to login to an online account. Select the “Connections” tab in the main menu and then chose your account provider from the “Add a Connection” browser on the right.


Once you’re signed up and connected, you’ll enjoy:

  1. Complete automation.This is where the fun starts. Once you’ve created your connections, FileThis rewards you with automated document delivery. FileThis turns your cloud storage into a digital filing cabinet, and organizes all your documents by institution and account type within the “FileThis” folder.
  2. Accurate filing.All documents are scanned, parsed, tagged, organized, and filed. In addition, all statements are stored as searchable PDF documents with meaningful names. Tip: Sort your documents by name for a chronological overview.
  3. Super-fast search.Your documents are organized the same way every time. That means you’ll always be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.


– FileThis utilizes bank-level security practices, including encryption, key rotation, auditing, logging, and back-ups, and is backed by the Verisign security seal and the McAfee Secure badge.