Top 10 Reasons to Go Paperless and a Surprising Bonus Tip | Infographic


Want to hear something funny? To wade through the 11 pages of tips I compiled for this “Go Paperless” story, my first instinct was to print out the pages and highlight the hottest tips.

Then I came to my senses.

I have two giant monitors—724 square inches of high-res screen! I can easily see two documents at once, at my preferred 300%, and cut and paste the information I want from one document to the other. So there’s a bonus tip for you: Don’t print when it’s just as easy to use both monitors. (Yes, you will have to forgo watching a movie on Netflix on your second monitor…)

Going paperless in both your home and work life simultaneously saves three things: money, time and the environment. Even if you only care about one of those things—who doesn’t care about saving money?—you can’t lose. Here’s how you can save.

Infographic: Top 10 Reasons to go paperless |

Kelly Kordes Anton is a freelance writer and editor who lives in Littleton, Colorado. She specializes in financial education and publishing technologies.

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