Turning Box.com Into a Digital Filing Cabinet


Cloud storages like Box greatly simplify file access and provide enough controls to boost your confidence when sharing important documents: you can give and revoke access anytime. But did you know that you can use your Box storage as a digital filing cabinet for all your online statements?

Box could be the perfect place for storing your online statements and bills. There is only one reason holding you back from supercharging your Box account: signing into a dozen online accounts, downloading the documents, creating meaningful filenames, uploading them to Box, and finally organizing all files in matching folders takes a lot of time. Meet FileThis: a free web service that securely and automatically delivers your online statements and bills to your cloud storage.

Setting up FileThis for Box takes only a few minutes. Here is how you turn Box into a digital filing cabinet that stays up to date.

1. Create a free FileThis Account 

If you don’t have a FileThis account, go to /fetch/sign-up/ and create one for free. You can also use the FileThis Fetch app for iOS to create an account. For this blog post we are using the FileThis web app. First, sign up and log in.

FileThis Fetch sign up

2. Connect FileThis with Box

In order to let FileThis automatically deliver your online statements and bills, you need to let it know where to store your documents. After logging into FileThis, select the destination tab at the top of the main window.

Now, select “box” from the available destinations in FileThis.

FileThis Fetch for Dropbox, Evernote, Box, Google Drive, PC

Then click “Authorize” to allow FileThis to organize your documents with Box.Box.com destination for FileThis Fetch

Log into your Box account finish setting up Box as a destination.

FileThis Fetch requests that you log into your Box account

3. Set up your connections

To have FileThis collect documents from an online account, you need to create a “connection” first. The connection lets FileThis know where to go and how to login to an online account. Select the “Connections” tab in the main menu and then chose your account provider from the “Add a Connection” browser on the right.

Add a connection in FileThis Fetch

Account providers require your login information to get access to your statements. In some cases, to protect your account against fraudulent usage, your account provider might ask a few security questions.

adding FileThis connections





After you setup a connection, FileThis starts collecting documents. FileThis will fetch new documents on a regular basis and notify you by email each time new documents become available. It is that easy.

Finally: All documents in the Box

This is were the fun starts. After you have created your connections, FileThis will reward you with automated delivery of your documents from now on. Sit back and watch how FileThis turns your Box account into a digital filing cabinet. It organizes all your documents by institution and account type within the “FileThis” folder.

Supercharge Box.com with FileThis Fetch






All statements are stored as PDF documents with meaningful names. Tip: Sort your documents by name to always get a chronological overview.

All statements in one place






Turning Box into a digital filing cabinet is easy. Stay on top of your important documents with FileThis!