Getting to Beta


If anyone ever tells you that starting a company–probably any kind of company, but my experience has always been software or internet companies–is easy, let me dispel that notion right now. Its hard. Ideas are easy. I have a few “good” ideas a month. But getting from an idea, to an executive summary, to a business plan, to finding key people who believe enough in the idea to join you, to some form of early funding, to actually forming the company is hard. And that is just the beginning.

The ideas have to be turned into a product. The product has to be tested for product/market fit – it actually has to be something people (users) need, want, and will use. Along the way are myriad mines and pitfalls that have to be nimbly avoided or overcome. And getting the product done as quickly as possible is always essential lest some other startup beats you to market.

So why put yourself through all this? Well, I guess there are many reasons why people do it. For me, its the passion. I start a company because I believe in the idea and in the product we are building. It is something I know that I would use. Something I need and want. And the journey is just as important. It is a highly creative, very fulfilling process. To start from a simple idea and see it grow and evolve and finally emerge the way you originally envisioned–actually use it for yourself–is incredibly rewarding.

And that is the way I feel tonight as we prepare to launch FileThis into Beta tomorrow morning. The journey is far from over. But we have just reached a significant milestone along the way and FileThis is as good as I imagined it when we embarked on the journey those many months ago.