Previewing Documents


Q: We need to touch up the paint on our house, so I need to see the document that lists the paint color. I easily found the HOA approval document using the search features, but I need a better look at it to see the color. So what now?

A: All you have to do is double-click the document to enter the FileThis preview mode. You can then use the slider to zoom in on the document and find the information you need. While in this view, you can also:

  • Navigate to the previous or next document if it turns out you selected the wrong document.
  • View multiple pages of a document.
  • Navigate among document pages.
  • Search for particular text within this document.
  • Change the document’s filename.
  • Change the document’s relevant date field.
  • View information about the document such as its type and creation date.

Anytime you need a closer look at a document, you can select it and click the View button or double-click the document. For more information about the preview mode features, click here.