Relevant Date


Q: I’m looking for a purchase I made with my credit card, but all I can remember is that it was sometime between May and August of last year. Is there an easy way to check just those credit card statements?

A: This situation is precisely what the FileThis Relevant Date feature is for. When you upload a document, FileThis reviews its contents and finds all the dates within the document. It then performs its magic to determine the “relevant” date of the document—such as the date an invoice was due, a contract was signed, or in this case the statement date of a monthly credit card bill. Using this information, it becomes a breeze to find precisely what you are looking for. Use your tags to quickly find all the credit card statements in your FileThis account, and then use the Date Search box to limit the results to the dates you are interested in:

If FileThis is unable to extract a relevant date from the document, or you disagree with the relevant date FileThis extracts, you can change it. Just select the document, click on the Preview View, and then click on the pencil edit icon next to the relevant date field of the document to select a new date:

Just one more way in which FileThis is adding value to your digital filing cabinet.