Tags Primer


Q: Tags are kind of a new concept to me. What kind of tags should I create? And how many can I – or more importantly, should – apply to a document?

A: Tags are just keywords that you apply to documents to help you find a particular class of documents later on. Basically, the more tags you apply to a document, the better chance you have of finding it again. Remember that whatever you do (or don’t do) with tags, you can always search according to text within documents as well.

NEW FEATURE: As you upload documents, FileThis automatically creates and applies tags according to each document’s contents. Try it, we think its pretty cool.

Some documents, however, end up without tags for various reasons: they have no text, the text could not be deciphered due to the font, or the artificial intelligence simply failed to figure out what the heck is in a document. For these documents, you should create and apply your own tags. And next time you add a similar document, FileThis will have learned from your tags and do a better job auto-tagging for you.

A few tips about tags:

  • Documents can have multiple tags: The key difference between an actual filing cabinet and a virtual filing cabinet is that hard-copy documents can only reside in one location. You might use a cross-referencing system, or even make copies to file in other locations, but for all practical purposes, to find an actual document you need to know what drawer and folder it’s in within your filing cabinet (or shoebox or stack of papers on the kitchen counter). In FileThis, documents can reside in multiple cabinets and have multiple tags, making it easy to find them in different ways.
  • Tags help with context: In FileThis, you can use tags to organize documents according to different contexts. Need to find all the bills you paid in one month? Search according to date tags. Need to find all the paperwork related to a car you want to sell? Search according to the car’s make/model. Can’t remember the name of that doctor who fixed your nose? Search on the procedure.
  • Four to five tags is optimal: You can apply as many tags as you want to a document, but most will require four or five. If you have a car repair bill, for example, you might apply the following tags:
    • Auto Service
    • Audi S6
    • Sterling Auto Service
    • 2010
    • Invoice