Simple, Seamless, Secure Integration

Using FileThis, your users’ data can be easily retrieved, without leaving your platform.



Users select & link accounts directly from your platform.



In the background, FileThis connects with user-selected institutions.



FileThis gathers documents and meta data, which are delivered directly to your platform.

Your next hound dog looks like an API.

Our engine obtains official PDFs and metadata from over 800 institutions, eliminating the need for users to manually upload documents.


Embed the FileThis web component to implement user workflow.


Define a webhook to receive document deliveries from FileThis.


Style the web component to fit the theme of your platform.

Sample Code

Serious Security

We are committed to building, designing, and maintaining a secure environment. We undergo independent audits and industry certifications, including SOC 2.

Encrypted Data & Communication

Data is transmitted to and from FileThis using TLS/SSL encryption. While at rest, sensitive data is encrypted with industry-standard 256-bit AES.

Secure Servers. Secure People.

Our servers are inside physically secure buildings that can only be accessed by biometric scans. Remote access is also strictly limited and continuously monitored.

Document Pass-Through

FileThis is a read-only service that only retrieves and delivers documents. Documents simply “pass through” from the institution (e.g. the user’s bank or payroll system) to a pre-defined endpoint in your system.

Immediate Deletion

Partners can delete accounts and connections at any time. Associated user credential information is also immediately deleted.

Bank-Level Security

FileThis applies bank-level security practices, such as encryption, auditing, and logging. We also utilize third-party services to test the strength of our security.

Let us put out the files.

We partner with FinTech platforms to make it easier to apply for loans, prepare taxes, pay bills, automate bookkeeping, comply with legal financial disclosures, and more.

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